How to Sew a Dart

Published: 25th October 2011
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A dart is a triangle folded and sewn to shape a piece of fabric. Making darts helps fabric follow curves.

There are two different ways to Sew darts. The Darts you can Sew are single ended and double ended Darts (or Contoured Darts). Sewing Darts is a great way to add shape and great fit to any garment you sew. You want to add shape to you clothes if you have curves so darts are great for a bust woman or a woman with shapely hips, especially if you have a small waist. If you have curves than you tend to need clothes that are fitted to your shape or you tend to look boxy and heavy. Sewing darts is a great way to remedy this problem.

You can Sew Darts in many places to add shape and detail. The most popular paces to Sew darts are the waistline, bust line, shoulders, and hips but I have seen them used in other places as well.

If you are working with a standard paper Sewing pattern you may notice that Darts are indicated with a triangle of stitch lines or, less often, a fold line.
1. You need to mark the fabric where the dart is wanted. Follow the dart lines indicated on the pattern. You can use pins or tailors chalk to do this.
2. Fold the dart in half lengthwise so the lines match up. Make sure that the right side of the fabric is together.
3. Mark a slanted line on the wrong side of the fabric. Use your chalk and your ruler.
4. Sew the Dart from the widest part of the dart to the point following the chalk line. If you sew from the point to the widest part then your dart wonít lay correctly when your garment is finished. Leave abou2 inches of thread on both ends.
5. Tie a knot in both ends. Donít back-stitch or your dart will be bulky.
6. For a double ended dart (contoured dart) you will start form the middle for the dart, the widest part. Repeat step 1-6 and repeat on the other half of the dart.
7. Make sure you press your dart. To give a better shape. Press the dart without folding so your stitches will sink into to fabric. Fold along the stitch line and press flat. Fold Dart to the other side and press flat.
Tip: Ironing & pressing are not the same. When you are ironing you are moving the iron along fabric, usually form side to side. The purpose of ironing is to remove wrinkles. Pressing is applying heat and pressure in order to make stitches sink into the fabric. You donít move the iron as much while pressing. The purpose of pressing is to shape your garment and make your fabric lay correctly.

Follow these steps and your darts will be easy and fun to make. Your clothes will fit your curves better and you will feel more confident making darts.

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